Pays de la Loire

Richness and diversity

The great west offers a remarkable richness in heritage, architectural, historical and a unique diversity of landscapes and land shaped during centuries.

The Loire is in itself a testament to the richness and diversity of preserved landscapes, beyond the walls, hedges, banks or paths appear castles, manors known or hidden deep in their green refuge, a source of life, it houses the authenticity of people and nature, and invites everyone to its discovery.

NantesNantes, a city with exceptional architectural heritage renowned gastronomy and is distinguished by its quality of life and its environment. Ancient capital of Brittany, now the capital of the Pays-de-la-Loire, Nantes is located in the center of a city of over 500,000 inhabitants, which is Saint-Nazaire metropolis of western France. A notable sight is the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, castle and royal residence (XV-XVIII centuries) built under Francis II, Duke of Brittany and her daughter Anne, Queen of France from 1491 to 1514. The castle now houses a museum whose collections evoke both the history of the city but also the arts and traditions of the Nantes region and Breton history.

The Loire Valley is a part of the history of France with the royal dynasties of Valois and Bourbons, but also the concentration of the Arts, part of the French Renaissance, receiving an average of 4 million visitors from around the world.